Dear residents,


We know that life such as it is now is bringing its share of misunderstandings, inconveniences, and strong emotions. We are missing human contact, just like the comfort of our loved ones.


But to ensure the safety of our loved ones, friends, and family, we must demonstrate solidarity and respect.


We remind you that it is forbidden to go outside.

If you need help doing online grocery shopping or anything else, the Management will be happy to assist you. You may also order your meals to the dining room, and we will bring them to you.


We know that we are going through a particularly difficult time, but we are convinced that, by following the instructions from our two levels of government, we will stop the spread quickly.

Together, we will be able to regain what is most important to us.


Katasa - CODVID-19 (EN)
  • Katasa - CODVID-19 (EN)

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