mp unique living environmentWith more than 30 years of know-how and experience, the Katasa Group has built an impeccable reputation. Therefore, it is not by chance that it has become a reference in the development and management of private residences for seniors. Katasa also develops residential complexes offering a modern lifestyle. Apartments that have all the amenities to fully enjoy life’s goodness.

Outlined in their vision of development, the Katasa family deploys an outstanding commitment to their customers, employees, and community. This translates into reliability in the realization of their projects and the quality of their services. Their leadership role allows them to develop innovative and bold projects.

The Katasa Group offers a living environment so that tenants can benefit from the true quality of life thanks to all the amenities available, and the conveniences to live their daily life in their own way.

“Katasa’s success is because our team is always listening to our customers. We are working hard to understand their expectations,” says Sam Chowieri, founder of the Katasa Group. “Our creative approach is solutions-oriented. Our willingness to look forward to the future also gives us a step ahead of the market. “

Unquestionably, Katasa is a leader in the planning, development, and management of residences for seniors. They are also a key player in commercial and residential real estate rentals. Katasa has new projects on the drawing board, including luxury condominiums and residential and commercial rental properties.

About Katasa

Sam Chowieri is the president of the Katasa Group, which he founded in the 1980s. His three daughters have been part of the management group of the family business for about ten years. Katherine is responsible for planning, marketing, and finance, Tanya oversees new acquisitions, new projects, commissioning of new buildings and capital renovations, and Samantha manages seniors’ residences and all real estate properties. In particular, the Katasa Group manages the following seniors’ residences: La Résidence de l’Île, Village Riviera, District, Manoir Pierrefonds, Riverain de Granby, and Marquis de Tracy.