a daring bet for Sam ChowieriBusinessman Sam Chowieri was already a seasoned professional in residential real estate development when he decided, more than 30 years ago, to venture into the construction of retirement residences under the Katasa Group.

A daring bet at the time! But he saw a need for this type of property and embarked on one of his boldest projects by purchasing a disused church in downtown Hull to convert it into a comfortable and warm retirement residence.

The Résidence de l’Île thus became the flagship of the Katasa Group. A success that has enabled the Group to experience phenomenal growth, particularly with the acquisition and development of new residences for retirees across Quebec and even Ontario.

Since 2014, Katasa focuses its business on the development and management of retirement complexes. Their mission is to develop and manage commercial and residential rental buildings focused on the needs and well-being of their tenants, as well as multi-service residences for pensioners who feel at home, skillfully combining know-how, attention to detail, comfort, and a personalized approach.

Today, Katasa includes five commercial rental buildings, two residential rental buildings, a mobile home rental park (Riviera), and seven private retirement complexes. Several expansion projects are also under consideration. A beautiful success signed by Sam Chowieri and the Katasa Group!

About Katasa

Sam Chowieri is the president of the Katasa Group, which he founded in the 1980s. His three daughters have been part of the management group of the family business for about ten years. Katherine is responsible for planning, marketing, and finance, Tanya oversees new acquisitions, new projects, commissioning of new buildings and capital renovations, and Samantha manages seniors’ residences and all real estate properties. In particular, the Katasa Group manages the following seniors’ residences: La Résidence de l’Île, Village Riviera, District, Manoir Pierrefonds, Riverain de Granby, and Marquis de Tracy.