our mission

Katasa’s mission is to design and build innovative living spaces

our missionThe Katasa Group, formed in the 1980s, decided in 2014 to concentrate its activities on the development and management of senior housing apartments. Its mission is to design and build innovative living spaces that allow seniors to maintain their lifestyle and independence without compromise.

Thus, the facilities are designed according to the needs and expectations of the clientele. The architectural elements are carefully chosen to respect the regional particularities, thus accentuating each Katasa residence’s uniqueness.

“We develop and manage multi-service residences for seniors where you feel at home, skillfully combining know-how, attention to detail, comfort, and a personalized approach. We want to ensure the well-being of our senior residents by providing them with a stimulating and safe living environment, and by offering them high-quality services and care”, said Katherine Chowieri, who is responsible for the planning of the new project design, marketing, and finances for Groupe Katasa.

As part of this corporate mission, Katasa Group also offers its employees a harmonious, respectful, and motivating work an environment that fosters a sense of belonging and encourages teamwork.

Noteworthy, the expression Giving back to the next takes on its full meaning and is part of Katasa’s DNA. The Chowieri family has always been deeply involved in its community and continues to support the causes that contribute to its fellow citizens’ well-being.

About Katasa

Sam Chowieri is the president of the Katasa Group, which he founded in the 1980s. His three daughters have been part of the management group of the family business for about ten years. Katherine is responsible for planning, marketing, and finance, Tanya oversees new acquisitions, new projects, commissioning of new buildings and capital renovations, and Samantha manages seniors’ residences and all real estate properties. In particular, the Katasa Group manages the following seniors’ residences: La Résidence de l’Île, Village Riviera, District, Manoir Pierrefonds, Riverain de Granby, and Marquis de Tracy.